Well, I’m 20 I have lived happy Loved many Felt crappy Broken few Been broken But I still smile I still live Because there are many who no longer do I still love Because there are those who have never felt it I still get to feel crappy Because bad days are always right there… Continue reading I’M ONLY 20


“Then she was knocking…”

teddyleting.wordpress.com never disappoints. This was one amazing but unfinished piece. I am working on it. Hope I will measure up.


It was last weekend when she texted, “Hey Babe, am coming on Sunday.” My closet was a mess, my sheets were out of ware, I had broken my bed some weeks ago and had not cared to mend it, you would not want to care about the kitchen, it looked like a food store. But she had already said and set her mind that she was coming… Coming to stay for the next one week and some days, and I could never be too fast to turn her away like a Shepherd, because, I also wanted her within.

There are some things that will cost me effort to forget. For the past few years, she used to drop by my house every Friday and left on Monday afternoon. She would claim to have a mutual understanding with her boss and going to work on Mondays would look like a taboo…

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