Jesse’s Letter 002


My one time Queen, allow me to say Hi from down here, in the lands of beggars and prisoners of love. I’m sorry this letter will not be friendly and sweet of me as you’ve always imagined. May I also warn you that you take a better position if you must read it. And if you think you can’t bear the truth, please turn the leaf and lets start a new life.

There’s one thing I should have told you before: in my house, I decided to build an extra cabinet, not for books and files but your thousand letters. I have even named it, “Julia”, because you are not fiction, or science, or a novel to me, but a lesson and a subject to learn on what love is. I didn’t want to tell you that I store your letters and that I have read all. If I had…

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I'm looking at the drapes So thick and full of life Do they also have hopes?  Even as they block out the light?  Do they know what beauty they block out?  Like a layer used to paint the face.  Do they realize they are just but a barrier?  And inside is a cage of rage… Continue reading LOOKING AT THE DRAPES

She has my baby…? 

Continued from “Then I Was Knocking”


I know I have sinned, not to God this time, but to my best, to my trustee. I had not planned for this though. But the blood in me speeds up my motive of going after someone. I feel like I should have grabbed her when she hugged me, and then explain everything that had happened. This is sin to the woman my heart leaps and sweats for. And I am crying inside because hell is burning in me.

Since we promised each other our heaven on earth, I had not thought of cheating on my wife, leave that: I had never seen my woman get this mad, with her always white globes, now turning red and misty. Our experience in love made us feel much comfortable despite our small differences of what we would eat or cook for dinner. Today, I stand, difficult to move, like a dumb mad…

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Jesse’s Letters 001

Here is Jesse’s Letter. A reply to Julia’s Letter 001


Dear Julia,

How I wish you had never said goodbye. You have turned all my desires into dreams and regrets. I wish I had never said that I loved you, that I always felt you in my bones even when I slept, because, all this would still happen and you would feel so in your heart.

You see, out here has never been good. When I thought I was making the right decision, so we were making the greatest mistake. But I will ever blame you for all my regrets, because you treated me like I was I nobody to you. You say you felt that you loved me, while I say you never treated me like you thought it was to be.

There are things I could never want to hurt you with: The truths, the lies- they all looked the same to me, that if I told you…

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“Then she was knocking…” never disappoints. This was one amazing but unfinished piece. I am working on it. Hope I will measure up.


It was last weekend when she texted, “Hey Babe, am coming on Sunday.” My closet was a mess, my sheets were out of ware, I had broken my bed some weeks ago and had not cared to mend it, you would not want to care about the kitchen, it looked like a food store. But she had already said and set her mind that she was coming… Coming to stay for the next one week and some days, and I could never be too fast to turn her away like a Shepherd, because, I also wanted her within.

There are some things that will cost me effort to forget. For the past few years, she used to drop by my house every Friday and left on Monday afternoon. She would claim to have a mutual understanding with her boss and going to work on Mondays would look like a taboo…

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