Do you know what I think about?  As an introverted insomniac?  Sometimes I myself can't tell But the few times I have  I still thought of being alone  Of food, deliciously tasty Of strangers that will become friends  And friends that are now strangers I build so many castles in the air Disney should hire… Continue reading PLETHORIC THOUGHTS


Jesse’s Letter 002


My one time Queen, allow me to say Hi from down here, in the lands of beggars and prisoners of love. I’m sorry this letter will not be friendly and sweet of me as you’ve always imagined. May I also warn you that you take a better position if you must read it. And if you think you can’t bear the truth, please turn the leaf and lets start a new life.

There’s one thing I should have told you before: in my house, I decided to build an extra cabinet, not for books and files but your thousand letters. I have even named it, “Julia”, because you are not fiction, or science, or a novel to me, but a lesson and a subject to learn on what love is. I didn’t want to tell you that I store your letters and that I have read all. If I had…

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