Hello Jesse I am going to phrase my disappointment in as few words as possible. I am amazed with you. I would never have thought that you could sink to levels of being that petty.  Yes, I know I was not the best or easiest person to be with, but considering you professed your love… Continue reading JULIA’S LETTER 003



Jesse,  First things first, I need to calm my nerves. I didn't think you would actually read the letter I sent. My hands are shaky, I can't even hold a glass of water right. I'm sweating through the keyboard right now. At one point I think I forgot to breathe. But that could just be… Continue reading JULIA’S LETTER 002

Jesse’s Letters 001

Here is Jesse’s Letter. A reply to Julia’s Letter 001


Dear Julia,

How I wish you had never said goodbye. You have turned all my desires into dreams and regrets. I wish I had never said that I loved you, that I always felt you in my bones even when I slept, because, all this would still happen and you would feel so in your heart.

You see, out here has never been good. When I thought I was making the right decision, so we were making the greatest mistake. But I will ever blame you for all my regrets, because you treated me like I was I nobody to you. You say you felt that you loved me, while I say you never treated me like you thought it was to be.

There are things I could never want to hurt you with: The truths, the lies- they all looked the same to me, that if I told you…

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