Mirabelaw is all about the little things in life. The kicks, setbacks and highs in an everyday being. 

The blog is suitable for all. No specific group is targeted here. I aim to reach people from all walks of life and races and have them relate to my posts. I also want to put up posts that will have you thinking about your own lives at one point. 

I have a number of awesome posts(so my friends say… It would help if you checked and gave me feedback too though). I recommend starting with the Julia’s Letters category… It was an idea I came up with together with a friend (teddyleting.wordpress.com) or simply the author of Jesse’s Letters. 

I am a passionate, creative and adventurous young mind. I appreciate criticism too… And also.. If you like the blog posts don’t shy off from showing it through likes and comments. I read them all. 

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