Stabbed Students, Robbed Citizens

If you have not heard of this already, here are the facts. 

1. 35 students from Jamhuri High School in Ngara, Nairobi ,were injured using knives they had last night in an overnight confrontation. 

2. Four students are admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital and one with stab wounds was admitted at Guru Nanak

3. The main reason for this is an allegation that there is religious discrimination in the school by the school head. 

4. Nairobi Police are carrying out investigations 

There are various reactions on social media about this. 

Now, there are a few concerns with this matter. 

Why would there be religious discrimination in a school that has proven to be comfortable with all religion, particularly Muslim and Christianity? 

Why would the school head, who is supposed to maintain unity and be a symbol of stability allegedly favor one religion compared to another? 

How were students between the ages of 13 and 18 be able to get knives to use against their peers? Are they allowed to bring knives to school? Were the knives made available to the students? 

How could students attack each other overnight and later in the morning without any authorities being involved? Aren’t there security measures in these schools? 

There are so many questions that arise with this unfortunate incident, together with the insecurity issue in Nairobi’s CBD at the moment, where a gang is said to rob people in broad daylight. 

In this, the gang of 10 or so is situated in various places, the information is found on this spreading Whatsapp message. 

The gang attacks unsuspecting individuals and rob them of their belongings.

Hopefully, the required authorities will get to deal with these issues before they become a nationwide matter. 


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