I’m looking at the drapes

So thick and full of life

Do they also have hopes? 

Even as they block out the light? 

Do they know what beauty they block out? 

Like a layer used to paint the face. 

Do they realize they are just but a barrier? 

And inside is a cage of rage

A caged beast lacking an outlet

A beast forced to forget

Her mind is still clear

She knows she lives a lie

She knows the drapes hang because of her mistakes

But she has to be in with the crowd

Doesn’t want to be the subject of a frown

She is concealed in a hypothetical world that misunderstands her

Barred by the chains of knowing the trends that she forgets she is a masterpiece

So she pretends to be less than she actually is

Pretends she is living a life of bliss

Yet inside the hell fire that burns is as intense as her own soul

She needs a being that understands her

One who will allow the drapes to be pulled back

She needs someone to give her a hand

To help brush off the dust

Because she knows which arrows to follow

Even as her heart remains hollow

She is a lioness crammed up in a cage so lonely

And all this I see when I look at the drapes 

And at the paint upon her face



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