Well, I’m 20

I have lived happy

Loved many

Felt crappy

Broken few

Been broken

But I still smile

I still live

Because there are many who no longer do

I still love

Because there are those who have never felt it

I still get to feel crappy

Because bad days are always right there

Life may not be clear

Mainly because I will still love

And for this I will still get burnt

But I’m only 20

And nobody gets to judge

Because being 20

I am allowed mistakes

I am allowed to bend some rules

Allowed to make my own decisions

So if you look this way 

And feel like walking away

I too will not judge


Till I’m older


25 thoughts on “I’M ONLY 20”

  1. Nice piece of work , I’m too 20 and i need a suggestion from you if you don’t mind !!! I’m new to this blogging and i have written a book review but i don’t have followers I feel so bad about it . can you guide me ?😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I’m also new to WordPress but I think it helps to share your posts with friends, and also via Facebook. You can also check out other bloggers and follow them to have them following you too


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